Thursday, January 20, 2005

Eid Mubarak

Tommorrow we are celebrating Bakr-Eid in Mauritius which is when we sacrifice an animal , goat, sheep, cow or bull and divide the meat amongst poor people.

Long ago muslim people used to do that in their backyards, but nowadays many people prefer to give money for the sacrifice to be done in other countries such as in india for example where tsunami has made thousands homeless. But for my part am taking part in mauritius itself.

The festival usually last 3 days and during that time you can see loads of cattle on lorries being carried all over the island It is quite a spectacle.At times when they onload the cattle to the different places where the sacrifice is to take place it can even lead to major congestion. You can see small children muslim and non-muslim running about to catch a glimpse of the bulls , whilst elderly people narrate stories of ferocious bulls.

Whats interesting in the actual ceremony is that you take the place of a cowboy , you need to throw ropes at the animal and try to bring it down without hurting it.This in itself is quiet a task and when you dont have much experience with it , you may get yourself hurt.

I just hope i dont break my bones too much this time.

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