Friday, January 06, 2017

Automatic Install of Maven with Jenkins and use within Pipeline

Assume you want a specific version of  Maven to be installed automatically when doing a build e.g because you need to have a build executed on a remote node.

This is what you need to do to perform this :

  • Define your Maven tool within the menu Jenkins > Manage Jenkins > Global Tool Configuration page
    • Click on Maven Installations
      • Specify name for your maven 
      • Specify maven home directory e.g /usr/local/maven-3.2.5
      • Check the Automatic install option
      • Choose Install from Apache e.g maven-3.2.5

  • Make sure that you Jenkins has access to install Maven within your maven home directory by executing the following command (on your slave ):
    • sudo chmod -R ugo+rw /usr/local/maven-3.2.5

  • Now you can use maven in your Jenkins pipeline using a command such as :
withMaven(globalMavenSettingsConfig: 'maven-atlas-global-settings', jdk: 'JDK6', maven: 'M3_3.2.5', mavenLocalRepo: '/home/ubuntu/.m2/repository/') {
           sh 'mvn  clean install ' 

Note that you can use the Pipeline Syntax helper to fill the options you want to use with Maven .

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