Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One more flash powered gift from the guys from goowymedia ,who created Goowy Mail , allows you to neatly organise all your widgets or minis together.

In the end you get your own dazzling personal dashboard from where you can monitor flickr , youtube , your email accounts , play games , read dilbert comics and there is even a notepad and todos widget... Dont you want to sit down and cry with joy?

The email accounts supported are gmail , goowy mail , however for Yahoo and Hotmail you need to have a premium or plus account . hmmm wished i could check my hotmail and yahoo from there too ... too bad dont have any dough to upgrade :( .

You can add tabs to yourminis account and organize your widget tab wise or absolutely any you want. The widgets themselves are draggable and re-sizeable whilst the tabs can be skinned using flickr photos .. coool. huh?

One more neat feature is the ability to publish any of the tabs and thus offering friends and other people the ability to view it . Mine is here .

Registration is free so go get yourminis :P !


Carine said...

Why is the weather set to Birmingham, Uk eh?

Unknown said...

Coz theres none for mauritius so thought i would set it for ashvin lol :)