Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eid Mubarak and my best wishes

Just came back from Eid prayer , i'd like to wish you all Eid Mubarak. Roza 2006 is now over the fasting has ended.

Today many muslim households will be cooking the traditional biryani. My mom is a known expert for that but however I never managed to understand when and how to place the ingredients :P .

What I do know is that you need to fry your onions (cut in thin rings) and your potatoes (just peeled , not need to cut it any futher) beforehand.

Then you need to place your meat, chicken , fish or whatever else you want to add to your biryani at the bottom of your cooking vessel. Marinate the whole with "ti anis" and herbs and ...(thats where i forget what to add) ... and blablahblah... everyone has his own version for the marination.

On a seperate fire boil your basmati rice , get rid of the water ...without burning yourself..thats important.

Place the boiled rice on top of your marination , cover and seal . Let to cook on a medium fire.

OOooh , you need to open up the vessel again cause i forgot to tell you that you need to add jaffran for yellow colouring ...hhehehhe... sorry about that.

Now your ready for a traditional biryani meal which you eat for lunch and dinner .. in my case its the next day too. Whats good with the biryani is that the longer you keep it , strangely the better it tastes .. however dont try eating a 4 days old biryani.... not recommended.


Ashvin Gunga said...

Wish you happy eid bro! Hope you eid wnt be like my divali :-) Enjoy!

Arshad said...

Eid Mubarak to you Javed,family and friends....
What is your opinion on Hyderabadi biryani? Some insist its the best, the real stuff all else is rice in comparison!

Unknown said...

Thanks ashvin , thanks arshad . Eid Mubarak to both of you too.

Arshad to me the mauritian biryani cannot be outclassed :P .