Tuesday, July 25, 2006

N93 officially on sale

My future phone is now in stores in the UK and US , the N93 is the latest baby from Nokia N-series phones.

I can't seem to get the price of the phone though normally in Mauritius it could easily be above the Rs25,000 range .

I did found one being sold on eBay at £7.72 which seems to be really absurb.

Vodafone UK mentions that the phone's price has not yet been fixed , so still have to wait a bit. As I will be in UK "theoritically" next week I might be having a peek at it at their shop.

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Anonymous said...

I think people are going over the top and spending too much on mobile phones. When I was in Mauritius in April/May, I was quite shocked to see teenagers, who were obviously not working, with the latest 3G phones costing several thousand rupees. The value-added services provided by Mauritian service providers are still very expensive, so I cannot see how the advanced features will be of any use to them.

I've reached the point where a phone is just a phone as long as it supports 3G and Bluetooth and has a decent battery life. I don't see myself buying the N93 unless it is offered to me for free by my service provider (Vodafone, for that matter).

Unknown said...

Good point I agree with you but in my case I haven't changed phone for at least 4 years my samsung is getting old and I really can afford a N93 so why not get one ... i know am trying to convince myself too here.

Buying an N93 is however not just buying a phone as the N93 is also an excellent camera for photoshots and DVD quality video , so that saves me the need to buy a CAM recorder .

As for you service provider I think they are going to offer a package with a free N93, lucky u!

Anonymous said...

WOW, it does seem like a great phone. Well, you can't deny its stylish anyway, can you?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Nice phone for the business/professional user, but as Eddy has rightly pointed out, teenagers are buying high-end phones too. No problem now, the trouble starts when they are in a position where they have to go without such luxury goods.

Unknown said...

I think the question is not why the buy expensive luxury phones obviously everyone wants to ride in a ferrari :) but the question is how they get the money to buy the phones and who gives them the money... ;)