Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LaszloMail 100% flash experience

I've been waiting for a while for laszlo systems to deploy their laszlo mail service which is made on top of the opensource laszlo system rendering an lzx xml to a flash application.

Laszlo mail offers you a neat conventional interface but which is completely Macromedia Flash based allowing real time content to be displayed in your inbox without the need to refresh you page.So what you would do is just sign in and leave your inbox page as it is , if a new mail arrives it will automatically be displayed in your inbox without the need for you to constantly click on refresh or inbox links.

Registration is free and you don't require any invites gimmick to get started.

However currently laszlo only provides 250MB storage capacity and is largely defeated by GMail offering a similar type of service with 2GB(+) storage and AJAX enabled inbox with integration of GTalk which is an Instant Messenger.

Compared to Goowy which also a flash based email client , Laslzo mail is really simple interface-wise although complete . Goowy is more flamboyant offering free online storage ,games , an online desktop and a free IM client which is able to connect to MSN , Yahoo,etc...

The laszlo mail service is a brilliant showcase by laszlo systems to show the power of this framework , i used the framework myself and i think it really shines high.

There are not many people who have registered yet so if you want to get your nick appended to , you better hurry!

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