Thursday, April 13, 2006

Reading Monster Nation from your IPOD

Damn this little piece of junk which i absolutely dont understand the craze is really finding various uses . Its just an mp3 player as any other sure its got a big storage capacity but so do many other mp3 players .The new release from steve-job-land is the video ipod but i guess that apple goodies will still take a while before landing on our shores.

Anyways there are some cool free books which you can actually read from your ipod or just read in a browser online. The one that caught my eye recently is Monster Nation by David Wellington (which comes as a triology), who also posted latest book Thirteen Bullets on the net too.

The book is about a couple having special powers and zombies infesting ... (well read the book am not gonna read it for ya will i ;) ).

You can also order the book from Amazon . Help David before he turns into a zombie.

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Faisal ... said...

Archos had a 'Video Ipod' long before Apple did. Sony as well ;-)

Fatma said...

I want a IPOOOOODDDD! Its been on my wish list forever!!!!
Or an MP3 par défaut!


Faisal ... said...

Seems that David is getting a lot of publicity afterall. I won't be surprised to hear it in the news soon :)