Friday, March 31, 2006

Goowy + IM + Virtual Storage

Goowy is back with a vengeance 2 new sleek features which are to rock up mail city , integration of Instant Messaging an Virtual File Storage.

I was kindly allowed to checkout out these neat features which is really just great , although i did have a few problems with the virtual file storage.

The IM features works like a breeze , you can connect to not only people having goowy accounts but also MSN , Yahoo , AIM , ICQ users , etc..

Below is an extract of an interview I had with CEO of Goowy Alex Bard:

1. What is the maximum capacity for the File Storage feature?

We are offering 1gb free with premium services in the near future to upgrade to more space.

2. To which IM networks would the IM client be able to connect?

You will be able to connect to AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Goowy to Goowy and shortly all other Jabber networks.

3. What features would the IM client have apart from text e.g Voice , file sharing , emoticons , etc..

Take a look and you can see – some of the main features are:

1. emoticons
2. individual themes for windows
3. pop windows in and out of the browser
4. sounds
5. and in the near future full integration with file storage and email

4. When is the official launch for both services expected ?

We are rolling them out over the next few weeks in phases. The official launch is coming inside of the next 30 days. If you want your account enabled just email us at

5. How is goowy thinking of competing with the giants such as GMail , Yahoo and Hotmail ?

We have been doing it ever since we launched goowy in early 2005. We are competing by providing a better experience and a more dynamic, interactive environment. Additionally we integrate with all of the major players whereas they do not play so well with one another.

6. What other cool features could we be expecting in the coming months ?

We are working on a lot of really cool features, including more enhancements to our core components - email (tags, more folder support, multiple views, rules, etc.) contacts (better integration, synch) calendar (synch, public events, mobile notifications). Additionally we are working on opening our APIs for external development and some other stuff we are not quite ready to share J

-------END INTERVIEW ----------------

So do look out for Goowy in the coming days ;) it rocks...

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Faisal ... said...

Looks pretty good. Will Goowy be compatible with portable devices? (PDA,....)

Unknown said...

As long as your pda supports the flash plugin i dont see why it wouldn't

Fatma said...

I like testing stuff, I might e getting onto this just to check it out! Surely, it must be a great advantage to be able to use this one to connect to other messengers...

Long time no hear! You good?