Monday, January 23, 2006

Been to Sun City on Sunday

Had two consequetive brilliant weekends , the first of them i went to MonteCasino which is like a big casino with lots of attractions like bands , balloon rides , casinos , circus and food courts.

Had a balloon ride then we ate at the Ocean Basket which is a really cool place to taste delicisious fried Hake and Calamari, before finally having a chill listening the live band playing.

This Sunday we went to a park i think its called plainsberg"-something" park on the way to Sun city it was a good ride , nothing really obvious to see until you stop your car and realise that you are actually in a middle of a herb of Zebras or buffalos , their camouflage is so remarkable that its just very difficult to spot anything if you drive like crazy. I saw an elephant , loads of zebras , buffaloes and what i like to call as a "leopard" which actually turned out to be a deer or a donkey or something.

Then hunger struke us as we drove the 1km drive from the park to Sun City , which was just brilliant and awesome . We had lots of fun going through the water rides , one of which was actually at a virtual 90 degrees and at one point you do end up being airborn. The artificial tidal waves were also just awesome its really a shame though that i left my camera in the lockers.. but i did get some pictures try my flickr photos here.

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Fatma said...

Does that feel like parasailing? I parasailed at ile aux cerfs. The most beautiful experience of my life!!! I loved it. Even posted about it. Read " I think I saw beauty". That's the one about it.


Faisal ... said...

Salaam Javed
Check my main blog for a 'atom reader'. You are on it.