Thursday, May 19, 2005

Choosing a Java WIKI

This week i had to find a java based wiki , i made a seach on google and a found 2 potential candidates JSPWiki and VeryQuickWiki.

Both ran on Tomcat , however i got considerable amount of pain saving wiki pages on JSPWiki as it seems that this wiki had some issues with Windows based machines as I didn't really have time to do all the tweaking , i tried VeryQuickWiki.

VeryQuickWiki as the authors describe it is supposed to install with minimal effort and this it did. Just dropping the war of VeryQuickWiki into the webapps folder of Tomcat is enough. But this option would mean that data is stored in files . If you want your wiki data to be stored in MySQL you just have to create a table for the wiki and point it to your MySQL db. Oracle also is supported.

VeryQuickWiki is also easy to use , has a nice interface and it really saves all the endless effort of trying to making something opensource work on your machine.

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