Tuesday, December 07, 2004

MSN 7 beta

Hohoho , father xmas bill gates has struck again with the newest version of msn , the "MSN 7", it has some of the features that came with "3 degrees" ,namely winks and nudge which makes your window and your partners window shake! Its pretty cool but use it moderately!. Also the handwritting feature is awesome. This allows you to draw something and send it over to your friend.

MSN also has a new interface but dont expect too much changes. Its supid why they dont use some of the features that msn plus has to offer such as transparent windows , blocking all your contacts at one go etc..

Be careful though this version is still undergoing Beta Testing and i would recommend you to install patches if you are asked to by the msn service.

Also for handwritting capability you would require journal viewer (install if you dont see a handwritting tab on your dialog box)


  • Download MSN 7 beta
  • Journal viewer 1.5
  • Security update for Windows Journal Viewer

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