Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Orkut the Community

Another service which is making a lot of noise right now is Orkut . This is basically a network of friends which you develop and which makes the Orkut community grow.

Right now the majority of people in Orkut surprising comes from Brazil (52%), US (16%), Iran (5%) and india (2%). I think this has got to do with invitations , to register to the community you need to send invitations and this normally engenders a chain reaction where 1 person sends 3 invitations and the 3 which comes send 3 times 3 invitations and so on...

Orkut is still budding and if you want to make your place for a service which is bound to be really cool well its the right time to get registered (..or invited :P ).

So if you want to get an invitation just let me know :)

..Javed ( )

Orkut Community :

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